New Year's Eve in Milan 2017

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Save the date: 31st December 2016 is just around the corner.

Are you going to be in Milan for next New Year's Eve? Prepare yourself to the event of the year in the amazing city of Milan! New Year's Eve 2016 is going to be a party night with dozens of clubs, restaurants and locations getting ready to host the most memorable night of the year. The friendly staff of is here to help you select the perfect party and make reservations. Get in touch:
331 722-2074 (also SMS or Whatsapp)

The most exclusive parties will only be accessible through a regular reservation and pre-sold ticket.

​AtMilano offers a complete service free of charge: we will provide all necessary information, book tickets for you and help you plan your party. We have parties in the best discos and clubs in Milan, dinner and music outside the city is amazing castles but also events and parties if you're travelling with your family and you have small children.

Forget the New Year's Eve panic, get in touch with AtMilano:
331 722-2074 (also SMS or Whatsapp)

Give us some details about your stay in Milan: how many of you are coming, where you're going to stay, your age-target and what kind of party/music you like the most, we will help you select the best location for New Year's Eve, or check out the italian page with more info and details.

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